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1st TEAM Hub Workshop

The workshop, held on June 26-26,2023 at Richcraft Hall at Carleton University, brought together a diverse group of experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from various fields, including academia, clinical practice, government, and industry.

The event was a resounding success, offering a platform for meaningful discussions, collaboration, and the sharing of cutting-edge research. 

Final Program – 2023

The theme of our 2023 workshop was ‘Accelerating translation of 3D bioprinted tissue models to therapeutics for age-associated and chronic diseases’.

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The 2025 workshop will be in:


Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Tissue Structure

The Team

We are a group of experts from different disciplines working together to tackle one of the biggest challenges of modern times: the characterization and recreation of tissue microenvironments.


We seek answers to questions related to tissue homeostasis and disease. New technologies resulting from our work will facilitate diagnosis and treatment of many chronic diseases.


Our state-of-the-art microscopy and analytical techniques allow us to analyze the complex biochemical and biophysical processes that occur in tissue microenvironments.


By providing research opportunities and developing educational programs for the larger community, we are helping Ontario and, indeed, all of Canada build expertise in emerging but increasingly important areas of research, including tissue engineering and imaging.

Core Research Members

The TEAM Hub is composed of experts from diverse areas, ranging from Health Sciences to Physics and from Engineering to Biology. Meet the team behind this ambitious research.

Dr. Leila Mostaco Guidolin

Dr. Leila Mostaço-Guidolin

PhD, PEng
Co-director​, Topic Lead Tissue Microstructure

Dr. Adana Cassol

Dr. Edana Cassol

Co-director, Topic Lead Cell Biology

Dr. Adam Shuhendler.

Dr. Adam Shuhendler

PhD, CRC-T2 in Chemical Biology
Topic Lead Biophotonics and Image analysis

Dr. Andrew Harris.

Dr. Andrew Harris

Topic Lead Tissue Microstructure

Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden

Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden

Topic Lead Disease Biology

Dr. Emilo l. Alarcon.

Dr. Emilio I. Alarcón

Topic Lead Disease Biology

The Latest News & Publications

Il-13 -driven-tuft-cell-hyperplasia.

BMP signaling in the intestinal epithelium drives a critical feedback loop to restrain IL-13-driven tuft cell hyperplasia

Although Helminth infections are prevalent throughout the world, they are particular a health...

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Intestinal epithelium cells close-up.

LSD1 represses a neonatal/reparative gene program in adult intestinal epithelium

After birth, the epithelium that lines our gut transitions (or matures) so that it can deal...

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Targeting mRNA binding proteins to respond to stress responses

The paper establishes the phosphorylation of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1...

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