Dr. Adam Shuhendler


PhD, CRC-T2 in Chemical Biology


Topic Lead Biophotonics and Image analysis


Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Biology


University of Ottawa, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Job Position:

Associate Professor


Biochemistry of Disease, Molecular Therapeutics, Molecular Imaging Self-Assembly, MRI, PET

Research Area(s):

Biochemistry, Biophotonics and Image Analysis, Disease Biology


Adam Shuhendler received his graduate training at the University of Toronto (Pharmaceutical Sciences), where he developed a polymer-lipid hybrid nanopharmaceutical encapsulating combination chemotherapy against multidrug resistant breast cancers. He then pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in the Molecular Imaging Program of the Department of Radiology, School of Medicine, at Stanford University. Under the supervision of Professor Jianghong Rao, Dr. Shuhendler developed nanoparticle and small molecular-based imaging agents across a range of imaging modalities, including fluorescence, photoacoustic, MRI, and PET.

Dr. Shuhendler’s team is developing new molecules enabling the visualization of the early signs of disease using these medical imaging technologies. The goal is to provide new clinical tools to achieve better prognoses through earlier diagnosis of such diseases as atherosclerosis and concussion and through improved detection and understanding of drug toxicity and disease response to therapeutics.

Dr. Adam Shuhendler.
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