Training the next generation of experts is one of the highest priorities for the TEAM Hub. Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) are fundamental to our success, and we aim to provide HQP with the skills necessary for achieving success in all areas encompassed by our initiatives and projects.

Seminar Series

The TEAM Hub hosts bi-weekly and monthly seminar series. The bi-weekly series, called ‘Research in Progress’ (RIP), features research carried on by all trainees. It is a great opportunity for trainees to showcase their latest progress to the TEAM Hub experts and to engage in interesting and rich discussion. The monthly series, called ‘TEAM Hub Connection,’ features invited speakers from local, national, and international research groups. These guests talk about their most recent projects and allow us to expand our network by building bridges and connections in different areas.


The TEAM Hub hosts a variety of workshops whose subjects range from technical training in microscopy, bioprinting, and cell culture to general skill-building in scientific writing and public speaking. Every two years, the TEAM Hub also hosts its own research workshop, with researchers, trainees, and members of the community coming together at Carleton University to discuss the latest discoveries and to brainstorm new directions over three days of meetings and social events.


Through our seminar series, workshops, conference attendance, and events, we are constantly expanding our network. In addition to participating in such research-focused activities, the TEAM Hub hosts social events aimed at strengthening our internal relationships and allowing all team members to meet and build new connections with researchers and trainees from a variety of areas. We are always encouraging our trainees to lead additional social meetings.

Mentorship Program

We take pride in supporting our trainees at their different career stages. From undergraduate to technical specialists, from early career researchers to more experienced members of our TEAM Hub Advisory Board, we foster opportunities for our members to connect and exchange professional experiences through informal chats, workshops, and working groups focused on specific goals.

Trainee Positions

Are you curious about the fundamental mechanisms of different diseases or passionate about applying data analysis to bioscience? Are you an engineer eager to become involved with tissue engineering or a chemist interested in biomaterials? Do you want to explore how light interacts with matter, discover how it can uncover the fundamental mechanisms behind cellular responses, and thereby improve our understanding of tissue structures? Would you like to work in an exciting, fast-paced, ambitious, and friendly research environment?

If you are interested in working with us, please view our current openings or contact one of the TEAM Hub core members to inquire about potential unlisted opportunities.

As our team evolves, we are constantly looking for talented individuals with a wide range of interests who are eager to exercise personal initiative while working on a variety of projects—many of which draw on different disciplinary fields. We provide a supportive learning environment and excellent training opportunities. Please check out our current openings, listed below.
Microscopy Specialist / Imaging Scientist / Research Assistant

More Information

We welcome motivated and ambitious individuals who recently graduated from a PhD program in health or life sciences, the physical sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, or a related field. Projects typically involve two or more core TEAM Hub members and provide opportunities for leading transdisciplinary research and mentoring a wide range of students. If you would be interested in pursuing a fellowship with us, please click the links below to learn more.
Sorry! No positions are available at this time.
We have opportunities for Master’s and PhD students in fields ranging from the life and physical sciences to biology, chemistry, and engineering. If you wish to pursue your studies in a transdisciplinary environment and meet the minimum requirements set by Carleton University, please check the links below to learn more about current openings.
MASc in Biomedical Engineering – Image Processing (Microscopy)

More Information

Are you interested in testing the waters of academic research? Would you like to gain invaluable experience working on interesting projects with a dynamic group? The TEAM Hub offers opportunities for undergraduate students from different programs. See the following openings for details.


Sorry! No positions are available at this time.

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Workshops & Seminars