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The Cellular Biology Research Node has been designed to support the development and use of 3D tissue models. It houses a flow cytometer for phenotyping and performing functional testing of cells and bacteria; a Seahorse Analyzer for evaluation of metabolic activity of cells; and an Incucyte for live-cell imaging of cells and tissues in culture.  

Lab Associated

Several research labs are affiliated with the TEAM Hub Cellular Biology Research Node as users, collaborators, and/or technology developers. The following labs, which include experts in immunology, microbiology, and mucosal and disease biology, are directly involved in the characterization of cellular processes that contribute to tissue homeostasis and disease: 

Our Infrastructure

Developing physiological relevant 3D models requires a detailed understanding of the location and frequency cell populations found in each tissue. The TEAM Hub has the required instrumentation to characterize cellular phenotypes and function at the single cell and population levels. 

A scientist in a lab using Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis.
Live cell imaging system that allows for the dynamic assessment of cell health, morphology, movement and function over time.

Trainee Positions

Are you curious about the fundamental mechanisms of different diseases or passionate about applying data analysis to bioscience? Are you an engineer eager to become involved with tissue engineering or a chemist interested in biomaterials? Do you want to explore how light interacts with matter, discover how it can uncover the fundamental mechanisms behind cellular responses, and thereby improve our understanding of tissue structures? Would you like to work in an exciting, fast-paced, ambitious, and friendly research environment?

If you are interested in working with us, please view our current openings or contact one of the TEAM Hub core members to inquire about potential unlisted opportunities.

As our team evolves, we are constantly looking for talented individuals with a wide range of interests who are eager to exercise personal initiative while working on a variety of projects—many of which draw on different disciplinary fields. We provide a supportive learning environment and excellent training opportunities. Please check out our current openings, listed below.
Sorry! No positions are available at this time.
We welcome motivated and ambitious individuals who recently graduated from a PhD program in health or life sciences, the physical sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, or a related field. Projects typically involve two or more core TEAM Hub members and provide opportunities for leading transdisciplinary research and mentoring a wide range of students. If you would be interested in pursuing a fellowship with us, please click the links below to learn more.
Sorry! No positions are available at this time.
We have opportunities for Master’s and PhD students in fields ranging from the life and physical sciences to biology, chemistry, and engineering. If you wish to pursue your studies in a transdisciplinary environment and meet the minimum requirements set by Carleton University, please check the links below to learn more about current openings.
Sorry! No positions are available at this time.

Are you interested in testing the waters of academic research? Would you like to gain invaluable experience working on interesting projects with a dynamic group? The TEAM Hub offers opportunities for undergraduate students from different programs. See the following openings for details.


Sorry! No positions are available at this time.

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The Team

We are a group of experts from different disciplines working together to tackle one of the biggest challenges of modern times: the characterization and recreation of tissue microenvironments.


We seek answers to questions related to tissue homeostasis and disease. New technologies resulting from our work will facilitate diagnosis and treatment of many chronic diseases.


Our state-of-the-art microscopy and analytical techniques allow us to analyze the complex biochemical and biophysical processes that occur in tissue microenvironments.


By providing research opportunities and developing educational programs for the larger community, we are helping Ontario and, indeed, all of Canada build expertise in emerging but increasingly important areas of research, including tissue engineering and imaging.