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Engineering the Mechanical Properties of Cells and Tissues

Exposure to mechanical stresses is a normal part of physiology for cells and tissues. Consequently, maintaining mechanical properties that give cells and tissues a combination of strength and durability is critical for their proper function. This is most apparent in diseased states, where genetic mutations to cytoskeletal and intercellular adhesion proteins alter mechanical properties and result in phenomena associated with cell and tissue mechanical failure. We have been developing new experimental tools for characterizing cell and tissue rheology at the millimeter and micron scale are providing new biophysical insights into this unique form of active matter. These properties can be traced to the nanometer scale, and I will present recent work that has uncovered how proteins associated with the actin cytoskeleton and intercellular adhesions dynamically organize into distinct structures that underly cell and tissue mechanical properties. This combination of experimental tools and analytical techniques from engineering and the physical sciences, with classical molecular biology and biochemistry, is now poised to enable a fundamental understanding of cell mechanics that is rich in complex biophysical phenomena and will guide novel therapeutic strategies.

Where?  ME 3275 @ 12 PM

September 2023

Explorer Series

The Explorer is a dynamic seminar series that brings together researchers from diverse academic fields to share their groundbreaking work. This series serves as a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration and innovation across various disciplines. From cell biology to engineering, attendees will have the opportunity to delve into the latest discoveries, methodologies, and insights from leading researchers, promoting cross-pollination of ideas and sparking new avenues of exploration.

Research in Progress Series

Our Research in Progress Series features presentations from students and trainees eager to showcase their research and expertise. This series provides a platform for the next generation of researchers to share their work. From undergraduates to graduate students and early-career professionals, attendees can expect a diverse array of topics and fresh perspectives. The series fosters a supportive environment for constructive feedback and networking, helping young academics develop their presentation skills and connect with peers who share their passion for advancing knowledge.

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