Message from the Directors

The Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub was established in 2020 by Drs. Leila Mostaço-Guidolin and Edana Cassol. Since then, it has been growing in scope, size, and impact.

Welcome to the Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub. We founded to bring together researchers, professionals, and trainees from different areas and institutions to work on the most challenging and exciting questions in the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and advanced therapies.

Our vision for the TEAM Hub dates back to 2020. We had the idea of establishing a network of experts who could look at the same questions from different angles and find inspiration wherever their perspectives might intersect. Since then, our team has integrated research groups by sharing infrastructure and research spaces, co-supervising trainees, and combining the strengths and diversity of two faculties (Engineering and Science) from two universities (Ottawa and Carleton). From these synergies, the TEAM Hub was born.

Comprised of experts from engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, and health sciences, the TEAM Hub is answering questions about some of the world’s most devasting chronic diseases. Along with our clinical collaborators and industry and government partners, our current research focuses on cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, cancers, and chronic wounds. These conditions affect the lives of millions of people. In Canada, for example, 1 in 3 adults suffers from these conditions. That is more than 30% of the Canadian population!

The TEAM Hub seeks to revolutionize our understanding of tissue remodelling, tissue repair.  We are working hard to develop new tools and identify therapeutic targets and biomarkers. The goal is to use them to diagnose and treat diseases associated with dysregulated tissue remodelling . We can accomplish our goals by truly integrating discovery research, technology development, networking, capacity building, commercialization, and knowledge translation.

On behalf of the entire TEAM Hub team, we invite you to explore our research and to join us in a celebration of collaboration and learning. Together, we will improve chronic diseases outcomes for Canadians and individuals around the world.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Leila Mostaco Guidolin and Dr. Edana Cassol

Leila Mostaço-Guidolin & Edana Cassol

Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub Co-Directors