Our Mission
& Goals

Leading the Way to Improved Understanding of Tissue Structures

The Tissue Engineering and Applied Materials (TEAM) Hub is both a physical facility and an interdisciplinary network of experts aimed at revolutionizing our understanding of how cells and their microenvironment interact. By identifying novel biomarkers that will inform new strategies to prevent and treat chronic disease, our research enhances Canada’s presence in the field of tissue engineering, biomaterials, and advanced therapies. Moreover, by establishing an integrated research pipeline to support the construction (and use) of “clinically informed” 3D tissue models for drug discovery and testing, we are leading the way to improved understanding of tissue structures through the integration of imaging, biochemistry, and cellular biology.

Our strategic goals are represented by our ‘5Cs’:


innovative technologies to support preclinical drug discovery and testing.


and maintain networks and partnerships rooted in strong, mutually beneficial relationships and a centre of excellence for preclinical model development and label-free tissue imaging.


unique opportunities and build inclusive environments for the training, education, and professional development of diverse Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) to strengthen Canada’s knowledge base and to increase innovation, capacity, and work-force productivity related to drug discovery and preclinical testing.


to the development, translation, and mobilization of antifibrotic and regenerative medicines to improve outcomes for patients with related diseases/conditions.


this intellectual property to help transition Ontario and, indeed, Canada from a resource-based to a knowledge-based economy.