Hypoxic Chamber

Thermo Forma Hypoxic Chambers and a Baker/Ruskinn InvivO2 400 Hypoxic Workstation provide controlled environments for cell treatment without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

Technical Specifications

  • Built-in programmable gas mixers for creating any atmospheric environment.
  • Airlock for transitioning cell cultures from exterior to interior environment.
  • Form fitting sleeves allows for use of nitrile gloves for greater dexterity.
  • Able to accommodate small instruments for completely hypoxic/anoxic measurements.

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The Team

We are a group of experts from different disciplines working together to tackle one of the biggest challenges of modern times: the characterization and recreation of tissue microenvironments.


We seek answers to questions related to tissue homeostasis and disease. New technologies resulting from our work will facilitate diagnosis and treatment of many chronic diseases.


Our state-of-the-art microscopy and analytical techniques allow us to analyze the complex biochemical and biophysical processes that occur in tissue microenvironments.


By providing research opportunities and developing educational programs for the larger community, we are helping Ontario and, indeed, all of Canada build expertise in emerging but increasingly important areas of research, including tissue engineering and imaging.