High spatial resolution dosimetry with uncertainty analysis using Raman micro-spectroscopy readout of radiochromic films


Research Area: Biophotonics and Image Analysis

Authors: Connor Mcnairn, Iymad Mansour, Bryan Muir, Rowan M. Thomson, Sangeeta Murugkar

Techniques for ionizing radiation dosimetry are especially limited for micrometer-resolved dosimetry that is crucial for the accurate measurement of the energy deposited in microscopic cellular targets at low doses. This is important for radiation therapy used world-wide to treat most cancers. We recently reported a novel approach for high spatial resolution read-out of radiochromic films (RCFs) using a lab-built Raman micro-spectroscopy setup. In contrast to previous work, our work generated for the first time, dose calibration curves over an extended dose range from 0.03-50 Gy with uncertainty in the 5-8% range at 15-30 µm spatial resolution.

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